The Ceremony Cone™ Mini

The Ceremony Cone™ Mini


Three handmade incense cones comprised of palo santo, wood betony, and organic Japanese makko powder infused with natural Minnesota waters that we bottle at the source. These are truly the best smelling incense and they've been made with the most loving hands. Anoint your home with positive energy, calm your nervous system, and protect yourself from evil spirits.

Aroma is earthy, balsam, pine

Size is approximately 1"T x 1/2"W

Light tip of cone until it forms a glowing ember dome and blow out the flame. Your cone will burn approximately ten minutes and will form a thick smoke.

Each incense cone is Reiki charged and blessed with high vibrational mantra sound code.

Please use precaution when burning your Ceremony Cone™ and do not leave unattended.

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The Ceremony Cone™
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