We appreciate you aligning with our mission to use our passions for the betterment of humanity. We are raising funds to purchase land so we can return to nature. Once we acquire a sizeable plot of land we can begin the next phase of our work and give back to the community in a big way! With the earth's resources at our fingertips, we can teach others how to make medicine, grow food and medicinal plants, steward the land, care for animals and more! We will learn and grow together! Our fundraiser goal is $222,222 and we are committing to a 22% distribution of our funds, that's almost $50,000 going directly to members of our community! Shortly after we created the fundraiser, we founded BARN, Black Aboriginal Return to Nature Grant Initiative, as a way to pay it forward. Once we hit our fundraiser goal, we will award 22 invidiuals and small, grassroots organizations with a $2222 grant to invest in nature. With your help, we can see this to fruition! Your investment is much appreciated! We thank you :)

Follow link to GoFundme fundraiser.